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Beginning Tutorial - Getting Started

Welcome to Raosoft EZSurvey 2007. EZSurvey is for creating and distributing electronic surveys via Web, E-Mail, and more!

EZSurvey can put your surveys on a web site. EZSurvey will generate the web pages needed for your survey and use a Common Gateway Interface (CGI) program to allow you to interact with your survey online.

EZSurvey can also send out email surveys as plain text or in html format. Your respondents answer the survey simply by replying to your email message and typing their answers directly into the email that EZSurvey generates. EZSurvey reads these responses from your mailbox, interprets the response data, and stores your data in a database. The database can then be viewed with EZSurvey or EZReport or any other database program.

EZSurvey includes a database management system and data analysis system. With them you can create quick charts and reports, EZSurvey's graphics options include: horizontal bar charts, vertical bar charts, and pie charts in both 2-D and 3-D versions, summary tables, and text or HTML reports. You can save graphics in Acrobat (PDF) format. You can also use other data analysis programs such as Raosoft EZReport for more in-depth analysis.

Note that EZSurvey uses two windows. One is the Main EZSurvey window, and the other is the Edit form window. The menu references in this help file are separated between these two windows.

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