Edit Menu - Follow Up

The Follow Up mailer will send an email to the list of people in the database after a certain number of days. The Follow Up function can either be turned on or off. The function needs to know where the message file is by specifying it in the appropriate box.


  1. Select Follow Up from the Edit menu.
  2. The Follow Up options window will open, enter all the information.
  3. Create the followup message and put the path in the box.
  4. Press Save when you are done.
  5. Set Windows Task Scheduler to execute followup.bat. You can also double click followup.bat.

Setup for daily send out:

  1. The follow up options will need to be set for every project that is to have the follow up messages sent out.
  2. In order to have a Windows computer check all of the projects every day automatically, Windows Scheduled Tasks will need to run the followup.bat script file once a day.
  3. Open MS Scheduled Tasks and select Add Scheduled Task. Choose the file followup.bat to be performed daily. Select a time of day that you know the computer will be turned on. If needed, enter the name of a user and their password.


Technical details:

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