E-Mail - Exporting Contacts from Outlook


You have created a Contacts address book in Microsoft Outlook and would like to export it to EZSurvey. (If you do not know how to export the Contacts address book in Outlook, you need to use the help in Outlook and do a search for "export address book". You will see a topic about exporting your contacts. Select it and follow the instructions)

  1. In Outlook, choose File Import and Export.

  2. In Outlook, follow the instruction and export your contacts as either Tab Delimited windows or Tab Delimited MS-DOS type.

  3. In Outlook, choose the fields in "contacts" you would like to export. (Just export the fields you need, such as name, email and phone number). Note, you may need to change the field names to name, email and phone.

  4. In EZSurvey, Select File Open Mailing list. The Open Address Book window will open.

  5. Select the new contacts file saved as a text file. The Address Book window opens and shows the records in the new contacts address book.

    If the records in the new contacts address book are displayed as garbage characters, you may need to go back Step 4 and save as a different type. If you have imported the new contacts address book successfully, you may need to save the new address book as the type used in EZSurvey, which is Tab delimited (ASC). To do this, click on the File menu in the Address Book window and then click on either Save or Save as. The Save file window opens. Enter the file name you prefer (e.g. addressbook) and choose the path where you want to save the address book file. Just leave the saved type as Tab delimited (ASC).

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