Database Menu - Edit Database

Databases are displayed as spreadsheets in EZSurvey. Each column (field) corresponds to a question, while each row (case) corresponds to a person's responses to the form. If you typed in compact descriptions for your questions, they will be used as the column headers in the Database. Otherwise, the question text is used.

Deleting Rows:

  1. To delete a row, click on the row label on the left and select Edit Delete Row from the menu.
  2. The row will darken, but will not be deleted permanently until you choose Utilities Rebuild Database.
  3. If you want to un-delete a row, right-click on the row label and choose Delete.

Other Actions:

  1. If you made an error while changing a record, you can undo it by selecting Edit Undo or by clicking on the green undo arrow in the toolbar. There are 2048 undo levels, so you can undo as much as you want.
  2. To copy rows, select the rows by clicking and dragging with the mouse. Then copy your selection to the clipboard by selecting Edit Copy from the menu.
  3. The clipboard will contain tab-delimited records, which can be pasted into other files and programs.
  4. For multiple-choice questions, the response codes will be copied, not the response text.
  5. You can copy the entire database by selecting Edit Select all and then selecting Edit Copy from the menu. This is equivalent to exporting the database to an ASCII file: the column headers will be copied in the file as well as the data.

These functions allow you to edit current record(s) in the database. You can edit the content of each field as well as delete records from the database. To permanently remove records marked as deleted, use the function on the Edit form window Utilities Re-build database

Note: Once a response value is changed in the Edit Database window, changes are saved automatically.

  1. Have the survey file opened (see how to open EZSurvey project).

  2. Select File Database Edit database. The Database window opens.

  3. Double-click on the field you want to edit and type the new data into the field.


  • Save
    Not implemented on this screen.

  • Save AS
    Not implemented on this screen.

  • Revert
    Not implemented on this screen.

  • Close
    Not implemented on this screen.

  • Import from ASCII
    Imports the contents of an .ASC (Formatted ASCII), .CSV (Comma-Seperated Values), or .TSV files into the current database. Most tab-delimited text (.TXT) files can be imported as well.

  • Export to ASCII
    Takes the entire contents of the database, including the field names, and saves them into the following possible file formats: .ASC (Formatted ASCII), .CSV (Comma-Seperated Values), or .TSV (Tab-Seperated Values).

  • Export to SPSS
    Creates a data file for use with SPSS. If you plan to use this option, be sure that your survey form has SPSS-compliant field name lengths, usually 8 or less characters. See Also SPSS in Under the Hood Compatibility link at the bottom.

  • Edit:

  • Undo
    Returns the altered text of a field to its previous state. (Only in the Edit Database Window).

  • Redo
    Not implemented on this screen.

  • Select All
    Highlights all of the records in the database.

  • Cut
    Copies the selected text onto the clipboard and deletes the selected text from the record. (Only in the Edit Database Window).

  • Copy
    Copies the selected text to the clipboard. (Only in the Edit Database Window).

  • Paste
    Puts the text currently on clipboard into the selected record. (Only in the Edit Database Window).

  • Delete Row
    Deletes the selected row(s) from the database. See also: "Delete Records from Database" (Only in the Edit Database Window).

  • Generate Random IDs
    Not implemented on this screen.

  • View:

  • Sort
    Arranges the database records ascending either alphabetically or numerically. You will be prompted to select a column.

  • Reverse Sort
    Arranges the database records descending. See View Sort.

  • Insert Record
    Creates a new database record at the end of the database. See the Add a Record link at the bottom.

  • Help:

  • Help Contents
    See Help Contents

  • Help Index
    See Help Index

  • About EZSurvey
    Not implemented in view mode.

  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Links to the on-line EZSurvey Frequently Asked Questions page on Note: you will need internet access for this.

  • Right Select menu for the upper left corner of the data table:

  • Add Records
    See Insert Record.

  • Undo
    See Edit Undo.

  • Select All
    See Edit Select All.

  • Copy
    Not implemented on this screen.

  • Cut
    Not implemented on this screen.

  • Paste
    Not implemented on this screen.

  • Delete
    See Edit Delete Row.

  • Sort
    See View Sort.

  • Reverse Order
    See View Reverse Sort.

  • Reveal hidden columns
    Not implemented on this screen.

  • Query
    Opens the Compose query window. After the query is complete, the table will only show only records that match the query conditions. To view or edit the database again, open another database window.
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