Publish Menu - Download Email Data Now

When you select this command, EZSurvey opens your mailbox and scans the email messages. Any messages that appear to contain form responses are saved on your computer and then parsed to extract the responses. These responses are then saved in the EZSurvey database (.DBF or ODBC) on your computer.


  1. Have the survey file opened (see how to open EZSurvey project)
  2. In the Edit form window, select Publish Download email data now. EZSurvey will pause for a few seconds while the data is downloading. A confirmation message will appear when the download is complete.

Note: If your mailbox is too full (more than 100 messages), EZSurvey may not be able to read them all. For this reason, you should give EZSurvey its own email account rather than sending all data to your personal email box. If you choose to use your personal email, remember to clean out your mailbox periodically, rather than using it as a storage location for all of your messages.

If the email settings in EZSurvey are not set up properly, you will not be able to download email data. The error messages "Unable to open..." and "Could not connect to the mail server indicates this improper configuration. They also appear when the computer you are working on does not have access to the network or the mail server.

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