Questions Menu - Conditional Display of Responses

The Conditional display of responses function only shows responses to single list questions and multiple list questions when certain criteria is met.


  1. Select either a single list question or a multiple list question.
  2. Select Question Conditional display of response. The Conditional display of response window will open.
  3. Enter the condition that must be met for the response to be shown.
  4. If a response condition is left blank, it will always be shown.
  5. If all conditions are removed from all responses, the conditional redirect function will turn off.
  6. Press Save when you are done.


The first question will be: What type of car do you own? with the field name Q1 and the response Ford is 1. On the next page the question is "Select the model of car." with all of the models for every car manufacturer as responses. All of the Ford cars would have this condition:

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