Publish - Compiled UNIX CGI

The web component of EZSurvey is the web CGI. When you publish with Windows servers using CGI or UNIX servers using compiled CGI, you are using EZSurvey's compiled CGI.

UNIX Compile:

The UNIX compiled CGI is named ezs.cgi. To compile the program on the web server you must have shell (or command line) access to the server. After you have transferred the publishing files to the server, type this:

chmod a+w *.asc *.ndx *.xml *.sum
chmod a+r *.rep
touch random.seed
chmod a+rw random.seed
chmod +x setup

This will set the permissions for the setup script and then run the setup script. The setup script will compile the ezs.cgi CGI.

Requirements Using Compiled CGI on UNIX:

For UNIX servers, there is a setup script you must run on the server after uploading the survey files. UNIX servers require command line access and gcc (for compiled scripts).
  1. You must be able to compile the scripts on the web server (or on another machine running the same version of the operating system). Compiling on the server requires command line access. Directions for compiling are given when you publish.
  2. You must be able to transfer files to the web server either via FTP or on the network.
  3. Run executable (CGI) programs.
  4. Set permissions on the files (read, write and execute).

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