Publish - Before Publishing

Communicating with your Webmaster or IT administrator:

Web servers can be configured in many different ways, and it is important to be in contact with the person responsible for administering it. The following is meant to help EZSurvey users get set up on a server that they don't administer themselves.

When you plan to use a server that is administered by another department, organization or on a separate ISP it helps to have a good technical contact that understands web publishing. Publishing problems usually arise because no one really knows how the web server works and what restrictions are in place.

Basics of what you need to know:

Common restrictions that affect how you set up your web survey:

The majority of EZSurvey users use the CGI option for Windows and the compiled CGI option for UNIX servers, these are the primary choices. The other options are offered for users that, because of restrictions on their web server, cannot use either of the primary publishing choices.

Publishing with the compiled CGI is preferable because the compiled CGI allows all of EZSurvey's advanced functions. Some EZSurvey functions are marked as only available on the compiled web scripts.

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