How to - HTML Tags

This is a list of basic HTML tags that you may prove useful in creating EZSurvey forms.

For a complete list of HTML tags and their uses, visit a standards web site like W3C (off site link) or W3 Schools.

<br>: This is the line break tag. It ends a line.

<hr>: This is the horizontal rule tag. It creates a line that runs across the page horizontally. You can specify the width and color of the line within the tag; for example, to create a blue line that runs across the entire page, type <hr width="100%" color="blue">.

<b>: This is the bold tag. It creates bold text. Although EZSurvey will allow you to make an entire question bold using the Advanced Options, if you wish to make only a certain portion of a question or response to be bold, you can use these tags to surround the words you want in bold type. Remember to include a closing tag in the position where you wish the bolding to end: (</b>).

<i>: This is the italics tag. Use it as you would the bold tag, covered above. Don't forget to use a closing tag (</i>).

<u>: This is the underline tag. Use it as you would the bold tag, covered above. Don't forget a closing tag (</u>).

<tt>: This is the true type tag. Use it if you wish to create text that looks like this. Like the other text formatting tags, don't forget to include a closing tag (</tt>).

<img>: This is the image tag. Use it to insert images into your forms. If you want more information about it, read the Inserting Images tutorial. Write a whole tag like: <img src="somefile.gif">. You can also align the image to the right, left, or center; text will flow around it. To specify alignment, write align="right", align="left", or align="center". A closing tag isn't necessary.

<font>: This is the font tag. It allows you to specify the font for your text. If you want to change only a portion of a question rather than its entirety, you can use the font tag to do it. However, by itself, it does nothing; you must specify one or more options. We'll only cover one of these: the color option. Most common colors are easy to choose. Just write color="red" for red, color="blue" for blue, and so on. For a complete list of colors accepted by browsers, examine our reference for HTML text colors. Don't forget a closing tag (</font>).

<div>: This is the text division tag. You can use it to create a portion of text that is formatted differently from the rest of your text. In general, in EZSurvey, the only use for this would be to specify horizontal alignment; for instance, if you have a table with three columns, you may wish to have the text on the left be left aligned, that in the center be center aligned, and that on the right be right aligned. It's a good idea to include a closing tag (</div>). The formatting would appear like so:

<div align="left">
<div align="center">
<div align="right">

Using these simple tags can make your form more attractive. EZSurvey forms can support almost all HTML tags. It is recommended that you purchase an HTML reference book to make better use of this functionality.

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