Analysis Menu - Statistics

For number and weighted score questions, EZSurvey can calculate statistics based on your database. If you wrote single choice questions, you can change them to weighted score questions for reporting purposes. If you wrote write-in text questions that only contain numbers, you can change them to number questions for reporting purposes.

Standard operations and their descriptions:

  1. Average - Average numeric value

  2. StdDev - Standard deviation is a measure of the dispersion of the answers. If the standard deviation is small (relative to the entire range of responses), then most of the answers are near the average value. If the standard deviation is large, then the answers are more spread out.

  3. Min - Minimum value (zeros are included)

  4. Max - Maximum value (zeros are included)

  5. Count - Number of records considered for analysis

  6. Sum - Total of all answers

When EZSurvey calculates statistics, here's what values it considers:

For number questions, any non-zero numbers are counted. Blank responses are treated as zero and are ignored.
For weighted score questions, the numeric value of the response code is counted. Zero and non-numeric values are ignored.

Values that are ignored are not included in the statistics table. Because people may answer some questions but not others, the counts for each question may vary.

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