Analysis Menu - Sample data

EZSurvey comes with the ability to create fake sample data for testing purposes. The sample data generator is customizable and can be modified to fit your needs. See Plug-In Scripts for more information.

The Sample data generator will create random sample records in the current project's database. It is useful for generating sample reports. The data types it creates samples for are Write-in text, Write-in number, Weighted score, Single choice, Check all that apply, Single list, Multiple list, Combo box, and Rank order.

Data will be put immediately into the database based off of the current project's questions and responses.

Note: It is best to only create 5-10 sample records total. If you create many sample records, statistical probability will take over and you will have the same percent of responses for each answer. A four response question would average out to 25%, 25%, 25%, and 25%.


  1. Open you project.
  2. In the Edit Form Window, select Analysis Sample Data.
  3. Enter the number of new sample records you would like to have created.
  4. Press SAVE.
  5. You new records will automatically be created in the database.

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