Advanced Tutorial - Restricted Access

These instructions will take you through setting up a restricted access survey with User Name and Password. Only users with an ID and Password that you provide will be allowed to enter the survey.

Import the address book:

First, create and address book. See Create an Address Book. Then, open your current project and make sure you have form questions with the same field names that are in the address book. (A field will not import if your form does not have a question with the same field name.)

You can verify that your address book has been imported by selecting Database, View database.

Setup the new web site:

  1. Select Publish, Create a web form. If needed, select Configure site, and Add a new site. Fill in the Server address, Script directory, Directory in which to place uploads, and Site name. Press OK.
  2. On the Web site configuration window, select the Type of server and Close.
  3. On the Web form setup window, select
  4. See ID Tracking and Create a web form

Setup the email system:

  1. In the main window, select Email and Select you email system. Select the type of mail system that you are using. Press OK.
  2. See E-Mail Setup

Send invitations to those in the address book:

  1. On the main EZSurvey window, select Email and Bulk email. Select the options,
  2. The mail message window will open and you should format and edit the message. There should be a link to the survey with the fields DATABASE, IFMUID, and IFMUID1 embedded in the link. Press Send and everyone in your database will receive a custom message.
  3. Each recipient will be taken to the survey and their information will be linked to their ID and password.
  4. After the form is filled out, they can press Submit. Note the login name and login password are pre-filled.
  5. They will see the Thank you page and their data is stored in the online ASCII file

Import the online ASCII file:

  1. Transfer the online ASCII file from the server to your desktop computer.
  2. Go to Utilities Import web data, and select the ASCII file. It will have the extension .asc.
  3. It will import the records that were pre-loaded into the ASCII file and the records that were submitted on the web site.
  4. Go to Database View database.

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