Utilities Menu (Edit Form) - Rebuild the Database

Rebuild the database reconstructs the local EZSurvey database after changes have been made to the form, or to the database itself. When questions have been added or removed from the survey, rebuilding the database updates the database fields to match the form. After data has been imported to the database, rebuilding removes any deleted cases permanently. (These cases still exist in the web server's data file or the response emails, but not in the local EZSurvey database)

  1. Have the form (.EZF) file open (see how to open EZSurvey project).
  2. Select Database Edit database to see which records (and fields) are currently in the database. If choosing this menu item does nothing, make sure your project is saved and that there is a valid database associated with it.
  3. Delete any records you want to remove by right-clicking on them and choosing "delete". Un-delete records by repeating this step.
  4. Select Utilities Rebuild the database.
  5. Select Database View database to verify that the database has been updated.
When you remove questions from your form and then rebuild the database, the field holding that questions data will be removed.

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