Publish - Publish to Portable PCs

Publish to Portable PCs:

The Publish to Portable PCs window has these options:

Restart the web browser if it is closed
Kiosk mode. The web browser will always be visible.

Show a data entry menu if the web browser is closed
Alternate kiosk mode. If the web browser is closed, EZSWIN will maximize itself, and you can pick a form from a menu. An alternative to writing an "index.html" file with a menu.

Workgroup server
ezswin.exe runs minimized, and doesn't keep track of whether the web browser is open. Allows connections from foreign IPs.

Standard form preview mode
ezswin.exe starts at normal size, opens a web browser, and shuts down if that web browser closes.


Email address to receive responses
The email address of the administrator account that will receive the email responses from the web survey.

SMTP server that will forward email
The name of the SMTP mail server that will forward the emails from the web survey.


Server address
This will be the URL of the web service that will receive the submitted web survey.

Port number
This is the port number that the web service is on. (Default: 80)