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EZSurvey Project:

This function allows you to create a new survey form (.EZF file).
  1. From the Main Window, select File New EZSurvey project. The New project wizard window opens.

  2. Enter the desired title for the survey form. EZSurvey will place the title in the "title bar" of the web browser. You can change this title later if necessary.

  3. Select an option for creating your survey form. The choices are:

  4. Select the type of database you want to use. xBase is the default database but you can also choose Delimited ASCII file or an ODBC database.

  5. Select the OK button when you are done. The Edit form window for your new survey shows the description of the project.

New Text Document:

This function allows you to create a new text file for convenience so you do not have to open notepad while working on EZSurvey.
  1. On the main window, select File New New text document. The Text window opens up.
  2. Enter text and save the file before you exit.

Mailing List:

This function allows you to create your new address book that will be used for sending email.
  1. Select File New Mailing list. The Address Book window opens. You should notice that the address book only stores information such as name, email address. phone number and status.
  2. Select View Insert record. The Add record window opens.
  3. Enter personal information.
  4. Select the Save button when you are done. The new address record should be available in the Address Book window. You can modify the data in each field of the record by double-clicking on the data you want to change.

Email Message:

This function allows you to send a regular email message.
  1. Select File New Email message. The Mail message window opens.
  2. Make sure the email setting has been configured properly.(On the main window, go to Email Select your email system... to check settings)
  3. Fill out the email and click on the Send button.

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