Database - Setup MYSQL

This article outlines how to have EZSurvey (Pro version only) interact with aMYSQL database.

MYSQL and EZSurvey on the same machine:

  1. Create a new System Data Source entry in the MS ODBC Data Source Administrator. Go to the list of System Data Sources and select Add. When it says Select a drive for which you want to set up a data source, select the MySQL ODBC * Driver. (* is the version number).
  2. A MySQL dialog will let you enter your connection parameters.

  3. Enter all of the appropriate parameters and press Test Data Source
  4. When you are done press OK
  5. To finish the setup, see ODBC in MS Windows.
MySQL can be download from (off site link)


The MySQL data source connector is called MyODBC and can be downloaded from the MySQL download site. Please note that not every version of MyODBC is compatible with MySQL or EZSurvey. With MySQL 4.X use MyODBC version 3.51.8. With MySQL 5.0 use MyODBC version 3.51.12.

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