Under the Hood - Multi-page Forms

When EZSurvey makes a multi-page web form, it breaks up your survey according to the Section breaks, storing the HTML code for each page in a separate file. Each section breaks starts a new page. The first page is named page0, the next is named pageXX, and so forth.

When you invoke the ezs script, either by a URL to show the first page or by selecting on the Next button at the bottom of each form page, the script sends a new page back to the browser. The HTML page includes:

  1. JavaScript code for validation.
  2. Hidden fields for any questions that have already been answered
  3. For each page, except the last page, the hidden field NEXTPAGE is set to the name of the next page
  4. Page-specific information, which you may append to the pageXX files
  5. The questions that belong to the page.