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Write Compressed Files
Check this option if you want EZSurvey to use compressed files. On many computers, decompression is actually faster than simply reading a larger, uncompressed file.

Load the last-used project when starting
Check this option if you want EZSurvey to automatically load the project that was active when you last exited the program. This is useful if you are frequently entering and exiting EZSurvey, because you will not need to reload the project each time. If you are doing several surveys at once, it may be better to uncheck this option.

Warn when moving questions
This option will warn the you with an alert box when a question in the form editor is moved. This prevents accidentally moving questions in the form editor.

>Associate files with EZSurvey
This will associate several file types with the EZSurvey desktop program. Select the file extensions that you want associated with EZSurvey.

Use the Skip focus feature
Enables/ disables the third skip drop-down list box in the form editor. Please see Skipping.

This is the typeface for the entire program. Dialog boxes, data grids, etc. The default is Arial. Changes take effect when you open a new window.

Windows typeface
The program's typeface.

Text view typeface
The typeface in the text areas of the program.

Instance Preview
Shows how the Instant Preview window is displayed

Preview JavaScript
Enables client side JavaScript syntax review and alerts in the Active Preview window.


Disable the Edit database option
Makes it so you can view the database, but not edit the data file. This prevents accidentally changing the data.


Always use the internal mail editor for sending
If you use Outlook or another program that traps MIME calls, EZSurvey can send the email data to that program, and then your mail program will show you your message (in its window) and give you a Send button. You can use your ordinary mail program's address book, etc.

If you use the internal email editor instead, you can use the text/html button to switch modes back and forth, and you get EZSurvey's Send button. It doesn't make a difference if you select Internet mail or another mail system.

Files and directories:

Log file
The default log file directory. The forms log file will be named after the form name. That is, if your form is named test1, your log file will be named test1.log. It is usually something like this:
C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\EZSurvey\

Home directory
This is where EZSurvey looks for .EZF files and creates project specific files that you may need to reference. It is usually something like this:
C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\EZSurvey\

Resource directory
This is the RSRC directory which contains many of the plug-in files, CGI files, and other resource files. It is usually something like this:
C:\Program Files\Raosoft\EZSurvey\RSRC\

Settings directory
This is the computer users "Application Data" directory. It is usually something like this:
C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\EZSurvey\

(EZSurvey pro only) In EZSurvey PRO, SQL commands are issued to communicate with databases through ODBC. The log is a text file that stores a record of all the SQL commands that EZSurvey has sent, and a summary of the database responses, including error messages that may help diagnose problems in communicating with the database.

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