Database Related Questions - Why does nothing happen when I try to publish a web form?

If you select Publish Create a web form and EZSurvey does nothing, the form may not have a database associated with it. Likewise, there is no response when you select Database View Database. This happens when there is no database (.DBF) associated with the form (.EZF) file. Usually this is seen when the form file is moved to a different folder than the one it was authored in.

Create a new database

On the Edit Form window, select File Properties Database and type in a new location for the database. It is best to put it in the same directory as the form file. Select Save. EZSurvey will ask you if you want to transfer information from the old database into the new one, select No.

If you know where the old database is, and you have information in it you want to keep, select File Properties Database and type in the location of the database (.DBF) file.