Publish Menu - Download Web Data Now

When you select this command, EZSurvey downloads the latest copy of your online data from the web server so that you can import it with the database on your computer.
  1. Select File Open EZSurvey project. The Open EZSurvey project window opens.

  2. Choose the survey form (.ezf) you want to open and then select the OK button.

  3. On the edit form window, select on Publish Download web data now. Depending on the size of the file, this may take a few seconds, or longer on a slow internet connection. The default download location is EZSurvey\IN\ You can import the records to the local database using Utilities Import web data.
When you download web data, the data file on the web server is not reset, so it will continue to grow as more people take the survey.

If you want to import the data, go to Utilities Import web data.

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