Questions Menu - Conditional Redirect

This function lets you select a custom "Thank you" page. You must select a Single choice, Weighted score, Single list, or Combo box question then select Question Conditional redirect. Here is an example:


Do you or have you ever owned a home? (Single choice question)

In this example if the user selects I currently own a home., they should go to a thank you page that rewards them for taking the survey. If they select I used to own a home. or I have never owned a home., they will be taken to a different thank you page.

The Conditional redirect page will give you a list of four input boxes, three for the responses and one for the default. The default page is the page shown if the users never sees the question. You can enter something like this:

I currently own a home.rewards.html
I used to own a home.thankyou.html
I have never owned a home.thankyou.html

The Conditional redirect function uses the .rep file (also used for single user reports, "Show each respondent their report"). To turn off Conditional redirect, turn off "Show each respondent their report" on the Web form setup page.

ID and Password Redirect

You can also use the Conditional redirect function to pass the user ID and Password to another survey or another CGI. Here is an example of what the link would look like.'+IFMUID+'&IFMUID1='+IFMUID1+'

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