Advanced Tutorial - Testing and Scoring

Testing and scoring is used after you administer a test and want to calculate the scores. (EZSurvey Pro only).


  1. Create your form, publish your form, collect the results of your survey (test).

  2. Once the you have imported the records into the database, you can perform the scoring calculations on them.

  3. Open Edit Testing and scoring.


Testing and scoring - Shows the options for what questions to score and how to score them.

Testing: Calculate answer key - Shows a list of your all of the questions in your survey, You can select the correct answer to your questions. Each correct answer is given 1 if correct and 0 if incorrect.

Testing: Recalculate score - Run this function to calculate the scores. The database will be updated with a column called SCORE that has the resulting score for each record.

For in depth reporting, EZReport has the functionality to provide results and reports by student as well as aggregated.

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