Scripting - About Scripting

The EZSurvey desktop application has three types of scripting. Plug-in scripting, server-side scripting, and validation scripting. Most developers will be interested in plug-in scripting and server-side scripting. The Advanced Tutorial in the online help has all three of these documented.

Plug-in scripting controls the action of the EZSurvey desktop application. Server-side scripting controls the dynamic content of EZSurvey web pages. Validation scripting controls flow and continuation of a survey.

Many plug-ins have already been created for EZSurvey. Look in the rsrc directory for .plugin files and .js files.

The EZSurvey web CGI is open source to our customers and may be modified for use by that customer. The source file can be found in the cgi.tar file. The makeall has a list of files that need to be included into your project

The CGI source help can be found in the standard and pro version of EZSurvey in the rsrc/help directory. (Note, the CGI documentation may not be as up-to-date as the CGI). It is meant to be a general guide through the source code.

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